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Schylar Kees is a recent graduate of Hedgesville High School in Hedgesville, WV. She started working with Growth Media Services last year as a production assistant. Currently, she is a writer and host for Classroom Moments as well as still working as a production assistant. She is also a full time student at Shepherd University, majoring in Media and Technology.
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Zoe Gaige is a homeschooler. She currently works as a host with Growth Media Services but is working on acquiring her GED by the time she's 16 and wants to go into culinary school shortly after.
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Kallan Welsh is a high school student. Already an active entrepreneur, Kallan has his eyes on going to college and studying IT Development. He has a YouTube Channel where he discusses technology and has a very strong following.
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Brad Loewen is 13 and enthusiastic about school. He enjoys wrestling and just brings an enthusiasm to each classroom moment.
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Clint Gaige is one of the Executive Producers of Classroom Moments. Clint oversees video production and the website. He has worked in video production for over 20 years and leads a talented crew to produce high quality video classes.
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Darla Gaige is one of the Executive Producers of Classroom Moments. Darla oversees writing Classroom and the worksheets to assist teachers. She taught preschool briefly before going to work in to book industry where she worked with noted children authors; Kevin Henkes, Stan and Jan Bernstein, Andrew Clements, Kathleen Ernst, Mary Quattlebaum and J.K. Rowling to name just a few.

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Brian Elliot Smith is an actor and musician. He contributes to Classroom by writing the Music Segments for The Arts. He has also directed a handful of episodes.
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Al Gaige has been in radio and television for over 40 years. He contributes with a number of our history and math scripts.

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Michael Dennett is the owner of GFP Commercial Photography and Storm Front Graphics. He creates most of the animations and/or visual effects for Classroom. The image to the left is a 3D Visual for our Li Chi and The Dragon Episode.
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Asia Jones is a Senior in high school. She has been writing scripts and lesson plans. She has also been working on some of the graphic design work you see on our DVD's and site. She is planning on going to college next year and studying journalism.
Behind The Scenes
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